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Of course, it may be a mistake to dwell too deeply on the autobiographical bones of the piece, because themes are notoriously slippery in the works of Robert Wilson. One of the recurring motifs in his canon is that there is no meaning, to art or life or anything. Trying to make sense of such a dizzyingly fractured narrative is futile. One critic likened it to “Dadaish confetti.”. “Narrative is often held up as if it were something holy, but there are much more interesting things to explore than that,” says Dafoe, an old hand at experimental theater who helped found New York’s Wooster Group in the 1970s. “Art shouldn’t explore what we know; it should explore what we don’t know. The best art can’t be nailed down by questions of what it means, what’s the theme, it shouldn’t be about that. Sometimes, there is no didactic interpretation.”.

Somehow it seems perfectly acceptable cheap ballet dancewear outlet online for grandpa (an absorbing, twinkly-eyed Tom Caldecott) to announce that he doesn’t pay income taxes (and hasn’t for many years), because “the government wouldn’t know what to do with the money anyway.” Delightfully daft daughter Essie (gangly, long-legged, cute-as-a-button Kim Saunders) is a pink wonder in satin and toe ballet shoes, She even does en pointe pretty well, considering that her foreign-born ballet teacher, Mr, Kolenkhov (a suitably abrupt and Russianesque Brandon Silberstein), says she’s a terrible dancer..

“I remember when they said I won, I jumped up. They said, ‘The light heavyweight champion of the world: Diane “Dynamite” Clark!’ I jumped up and fell to my knees and prayed. I jumped in my trainer’s arms.”. Then she waited for the presentation of her title belt. “But they didn’t give it to me,” she says. No one ever explained why. Clark pauses and a big tear drops. “When I was little,” she says, “I had a regular belt, and I would jump up and down on my bed like I had won the championship. That was my dream — not to just win a bout but to have the belt.”.

The lecture is at 7 p.m., followed by the book signing and reception at 8 p.m, The cost is $25 for the general public, and $20 for garden and garden conservancy members, For more information and to register, visit or call 925-947-1678, Political satirist gears up for fall election, Political satirist Will Durst will be at Town Hall Theatre in September ready to land some punches before Election Day, The comedian, an Emmy nominee whose standup shows have been seen on numerous stages and television shows, will perform at 8 p.m, Sept, 3, at the cheap ballet dancewear outlet online theater, 3535 School St., in Lafayette..

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have been good friends for years. In fact, Brown is among the celebrities that is expected to be invited to Bieber’s religious wedding ceremony to Hailey Baldwin, whenever that may be. So when Brown posted a video of himself rehearsing a dance routine on Instagram, it wasn’t a complete surprise that Bieber would post some words of support. “We working,” Brown captioned the video. And Bieber commented, “No one can touch you ur the GOAT.”.