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ballet shoes uk free delivery

The message of Christmas is told in music as we listeners are led back to Bethlehem to rediscover the joy, peace and love of Christmas. Admission is free and people of all faiths and ages are invited. Donations will be accepted. For more information, go to for information or call 925-634-3093. A fun holiday concert put on by the Antioch Strolling Strings. This local group of school aged musicians will be performing many holiday favorites. This non-profit organization has been performing their Holiday Pops Concert for many years as a fund raiser.

“I feel like we will be able to get the support and appreciation from others (after this show), and that’s going to ballet shoes uk free delivery back us up,” said Infante, who turned his life around after a stint in juvenile hall as a teen, “We could build that support as strong members of our city, as ambassadors, Then, when we say we are going to a city meeting, we have all these people show up because we’re there.”, The FHYF founders are involved in the East Palo Alto Youth Arts and Music Center, slated to open in early 2019, where they plan to work with disadvantaged and at-risk youths, The center’s mission is to ramp up opportunities for local youths to realize their potential through the arts..

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa, 23. Survivor skills: Figgy is, she says, adventurous, a free spirit and a crowd pleaser who enjoys kayaking, videography and watching football. We’re willing to bet she came up with her own nickname, too. Survivability: When asked what being a Millennial means, she described it as being “blessed with an innovative and creative mind” and having the world is at her fingertips. “It’s all there,” she says. “I just have to make it happen. I work hard for where I want to be and for everything I have. Millennials get stuff done and work hard while throwing a good snap in our Snapchat stories every now and again.” That noise you hear is the sound of 65 million Baby Boomers rolling their eyes. Look over there, Figgy. There’s a participation trophy waiting for you at Loser Lodge.

Pittsburg theater presents ‘Mulan’, PITTSBURG — Pittsburg Community Theater will present the musical “Mulan,” featuring more than 40 local student performers and songs from the Disney production ballet shoes uk free delivery of the same name, Dec, 11-13 at the California Theatre, This classic tale depicts the story of a young girl who protects her elderly father by disguising herself as a boy and joining the army, after an invasion by the Huns, Additionally, there will be a one-act performance written by a local 10-year-old boy called “Operation: Coming Home,” which shows how kids deal with having family members who are deployed, Tickets are $10 for children 11 and under, $15 for children 12 and up, and $20 for adults, Showtimes are: Dec, 11 at 7 p.m., Dec, 12 at 8 p.m., and Dec, 13-14 at 2 p.m, Tickets are available at the California Theatre Box Office, 351 Railroad Ave, in Pittsburg, by phone at 925-427-1611 or online at

In other scenes, the head honcho at a chemical firm (a sinisterly smooth Colin Blattel, Ubuntu’s managing director) tries to strike a Mephistophelean bargain with an earnest lab assistant (Francisco Arcila), and a world-weary doctor (Ariel Luckey) has to tell a promising young colleague (Tim Barnett) that the hospital has to make cutbacks based more on connections than merit or seniority. Every one of these moral fables of the class war also contains fiery speeches as worker after worker is radicalized by the sheer injustice of their collective plight. It’s not a subtle piece by any stretch of the imagination, but in Ubuntu’s hands it’s an awfully stirring one that makes you feel, just for a moment, that a revolution is close at hand.